Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ESP Competition First Stage Winner!!!!

Apologies for the large break in my blog posts.  It has been a hectic couple of months since my last update. 

In late 2010 I posted screenshots of my initial entry for Intercad’s Electric Superbike Project Competition. 

After submitting my entry in November I received an email from Intercad very late in December to inform me that the judges had shortlisted my design along with 2 other competitor’s designs as winners of the ESP chassis design stage of the competition.  Intercad didn’t provide any details of the other selected competitors designs but did inform me that the shortlisted competitors would have the option of using the month of January to update or modify our designs to better suit the goals of the competition.  Overall the feedback was very positive on my initial design with the modifications the judges asked me to make focusing around me replacing the girder front end with a conventional set of off the shelf telescopic forks.  The judges also asked me to indicate how I would approach mounting the batteries in my design.  I opted to update my design and spent much of my Christmas holidays and the month of January working away to create my BergerHaus Mk2 design. 

I decided to take a different approach with my updated chassis and focused on a chassis design that would not restrict or limit the width of the battery boxes.  I intend for the Carbon Fibre battery boxes to be used as stressed members in the design and they have been designed to be somewhat flexible in their design to allow for modifications to suit the battery technology available when manufacturing commences.  The bodywork and battery boxes shown in these screenshots are not final as they will be designed/finalized at later stages in the competition.  They are included to indicate how I anticipate them to mount on my BergerHaus chassis.

Well after 6 or so weeks of waiting all the hard work and late nights has paid off.  I was contacted by the Intercad earlier this week with the fantastic news that my frame design had won the first stage of the Electric Superbike Competition and it will be used in the final design and construction of the bike.  After talking to Intercad it was organized for me to attend a small presentation ceremony at Intercad’s Victorian office in Glen Waverley last Friday.  At the presentation I had the pleasure of meeting some of Intercad’s key personel and discussing some aspects of the competition over lunch.  I was then presented a Certificate recognizing me as the Winner of the first stage of the ESP competition by Julian Spencer, Intercad’s National Product Manager. I was then presented my new Hewlett Packard Z200 Workstation which looks great and I can’t wait to install it in my office and begin working with it.  Currently I use a Hewlett Packard 8710p Notebook for all of my CAD work and I’m confident I will be as happy with my new Z200 workstation as I am with my HP Notebook.  Once the presentations were complete we took some photos of me posing with my prizes and those Intercad personel that attended the presentation.  If you are interested I recommend you keep an eye on the ESP blog website , it has just been updated with the photos from last Friday and further information on the following stages of the competition. 

I’d like to personally thank Intercad for proposing and running the ESP Competition as well as the projects technical partners Triple 8 Race Engineering and Racetech Steels.  I’d also like to say a special thank you to Hewlett Packard for supporting the ESP Competition and putting up the HP Z200 Workstation.  I will certainly put this machine to good use in the near future.  I have already loaded Solidworks onto it and can't wait for the next stage of the ESP Competition to commence. 

It is a huge experience for me and I am very excited about being a part of this exciting project. 

Enjoy the screenshots and please continue to check for updates.

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