Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"One Man's Dream". The Story of the Britten V1000.

I recently purchased 2 DVD copies of "One Mans Dream"  from Ben Ruffell to replace my very worn out VHS copy.  I was very excited to see the extra features and would highly recommend the DVD to anybody wishing to be inspired by a truly innovative man and his efforts to build a world class racing motorcycle from his garage in New Zealand.  A brilliant documentary about the very inspirational man who was John Britten.

Check out Ben's website @ to order the "One Mans Dream" DVD.

Below is a photo my wife Michelle took of me with one of John's Britten V1000's when we honeymooned in New Zealand last year.  This bike is housed in a small Britten Motorcycle museum set up at the rear of the Brittco Developments building in Christchurch.  Being a very big Britten fan, getting to see the museum was certainly one of the highlights of my trip.  Check it out if you ever have the oppurtunity, I highly recommend it.

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