Sunday, December 5, 2010

250 Single Throttle Body

Here’s some screenshots of a Prototype throttle body I was designing earlier in 2010.  If it does make it to prototype production it is destined for use on a single cylinder 250cc four stroke kart engine.  I was asked to produce this model in my own time by a workmate some time ago. I felt it would give me a good opportunity to gain further experience and work on an actual project that may make it to production.  At this stage the project this throttle body was destined for has been put on hold so it has been left in the state you see it.  Hopefully we will get some good news in 2011 and the project will be back on again and we can see it go into prototype production.  I will post updates if it does.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"One Man's Dream". The Story of the Britten V1000.

I recently purchased 2 DVD copies of "One Mans Dream"  from Ben Ruffell to replace my very worn out VHS copy.  I was very excited to see the extra features and would highly recommend the DVD to anybody wishing to be inspired by a truly innovative man and his efforts to build a world class racing motorcycle from his garage in New Zealand.  A brilliant documentary about the very inspirational man who was John Britten.

Check out Ben's website @ to order the "One Mans Dream" DVD.

Below is a photo my wife Michelle took of me with one of John's Britten V1000's when we honeymooned in New Zealand last year.  This bike is housed in a small Britten Motorcycle museum set up at the rear of the Brittco Developments building in Christchurch.  Being a very big Britten fan, getting to see the museum was certainly one of the highlights of my trip.  Check it out if you ever have the oppurtunity, I highly recommend it.

My Electric Superbike Competition Entry.

This intstallment in the BergerHaus Design Blog is four screenshots of my very last minute entry for Intercad Australia's "Design an Electric Superbike Competition". The competition is being held in a few stages but the finished goal is to design an Electric Superbike (like a TTzero bike but for the road).  The first part of the competition is to design the frame/chassis to be used in the construction of the bike.  It is being run by Australia's major Solidworks distributor Intercad and is only open to Australian or New Zealnad citizens.  The winning entry is going to be built by one of our top race engineering companies (Triple 8 Race Engineering) and will be sold at auction for charity.

Check out the Electric Superbike webpage for further details & updates.

I am a little disappointed with my entry and I wished I'd had more time and would have also liked more information regarding the battery specifications/quantity/mass etc. when designing.  It has been good fun though and is the first time I've had a go at a major project on Solidworks.  Whether I win or not I am going to finish out the design of the bike anyway because it has been quite a good learning experience.  I chose to use Chrome Moly for the chassis construction as one of the primary sponsors of the competition is RaceTech Tubing here in Australia and they specialise in High strength Alloy tube supplies.  Chrome Moly is also a well proven material in other similar applications and is relatively straight forward to fabricate.

Once the winner of the first stage has been anounced I will most likely commence work again on my chassis design regardless of the outcome, (win or lose), this will include moving the motor position to make more room for batteries.  As an added bonus the winner of the Frame design stage will get to work with Solidworks Technicians and Triple 8 Racing's Drawing Office Manager Ian Draper to work though and validate their design.  This would be a very good experience indeed.

                                                  Enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback.