Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Minimoto Racebike.

My first installmnet in the BergerHaus Design Blog is some screenshots of my first major CAD project.  Having already learnt some CAD basics on Inventor and Solidworks I decided to model my Minimoto Racebike on Inventor to gain more experience and knowledge. I also hoped to add the Minimoto model to my folio/resume for any future job applications.  I decided on my Minimoto as it was small enough to dismantle and bring the components into the study of my home to measure and model.  I used vernier calipers and micrometers for the measuring and modelled all components as accurately as possible from their finished real life pieces. I will continue to add more detailed screenshots of individual components in the future.

The Minimoto bike itself is a Chinese made Lucky Seven with a CAG engine.  The engine features a barrel and head kit I made myself and a full circle crankshaft.  I also modified the expansion chamber and frame on the bike as well as making my own header pipe and carbon fibre muffler.  Unfortunately I don't get the time to ride my minimoto regularly anymore and my size is more suited to real sized bikes anyway.

Enjoy and please feel free to offer any comments. 

Monday, November 29, 2010


Welcome to BergerHaus Designs. 

This blog is to share and showcase my 3D Solid Modelling projects.  Past, Present and Future.  It will also hopefully give me a good oppurtunity to network with other likeminded individuals who are learning to use and enjoy using Autodesk Inventor and/or Solidworks 3D modelling packages.

I will put every effort into keeping the BergerHaus Designs Blog updated regularly and welcome any and all comments and feedback on my projects.   

Why the name BergerHaus?  As a youngster I was was given the nickname Benny-Burger-Ringo by my Grandpa. This nickname stemmed from my love for Burger-Rings.  (These are a Hamburger flavoured snack distributed by Twisties here in Australia).  This nickname has stuck with me right through my life though over time it has been shortened to just "Berger". I thought it would be a nice tribute to my Grandpa to use the name he tagged me with all those years ago and this is where the "Berger" in BergerHaus came from. In the long term my dream would one day be to operate my own design house specialising in the design of racing and high performance motor vehicles and their components.  I used the German word "Haus" to symbolise the design house I would like to build.  Hence "BergerHaus Design".

I hope you enjoy.